Overseas Human Rights Violations by ATNCs in Electronics Industry

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[Conference] Labor, Environment and Asian Transnational Corporations--Toward an East Asian BHR Movement?

Respecting human rights and the environment - in the East Asian Context


  • Date: Nov 24-26, 2023

  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Organizers: Human Rights Now (JP)

Korean Transnational Corporations Watch (KR)

Environmental Rights Foundation (TW)

Youth Labor Union 95 (TW)

Human Rights Program, Soochow University (TW)

Clean Clothes Campaign East Asia Coalition

  • Co-organizers: International Federation for Human Rights



Session 3: Overseas Human Rights Violations by ATNCs in Electronics Industry

Hello. I'm Sang-soo Lee, working with SHARPS.

SHARPS is an organization, for the health and safety rights, of electronic industry workers, in South Korea.

This is the sit-in that ,SHARPS held for 1023 days, in front of Samsung's headquarters,

and the people in the photo are, the victim and their families, who were at the forefront of the struggle against Samsung.

It is thanks to them that, we were able to fight to the end and, after 11 years, we got Samsung, to accept our demands.

While there's much to address, regarding Samsung Electronics, today, I'll specifically discuss, human rights violations, at Samsung's Vietnam operations,

focusing on EHS issues, and the outsourcing of hazardous processes.

I can't speak English fast enough, so I put a lot of contents, in the documentation rather than my explanations.

So I'd appreciate it, if you could concentrate on the presentation material.


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