[2016-10-20] "Samsung in flames"

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« Samsung in Flames ». SOMO, 20 octobre 2016. https://www.somo.nl/samsung-in-flames/.   

Samsung in flames

(extracts from the article)

The nonprofit organization SHARPS, has been staging a sit-in outside Samsung global exhibition space D’light in Seoul, since October 7, 2015, protesting the documented cases of 223 workers who developed leukemia, lupus, lymphoma, and multiple sclerosis working for Samsung. There are 76 reported deaths to date, all of which are believed to be work related and mainly caused by chemical exposure from making computer chips and liquid crystal displays for Samsung. The victims and their families face serious obstacles in proving the cause of these diseases due to Samsung’s refusal to disclose information about the chemicals its employees work with and are exposed to on the job. SHARPS has recently launched a petition calling on Samsung to publically pledge to respect workers and human rights.

A recent Associated Press investigation into the death of Samsung workers, most between 20-30 years old, revealed that the Korean government is also protecting Samsung. The government so far has refused to give grieving families information about the chemicals their loved-ones were exposed to when working for Samsung on the basis that doing so, would undermine Samsung’s competitive advantage by revealing trade secrets.

Samsung should meet the ‘Challenge to the Electronics Industry’ as endorsed by the GoodElectronics Network, the International Campaign for Responsible Technology and more than 200 civil society groups. This challenge to the consumer electronics sector calls on companies like Samsung, Apple Foxconn, and many others to be transparent and fully disclosure information concerning the chemicals and hazardous substances used to make their smartphones, laptops and tablets. This information must not be considered confidential or kept under wraps nor should it be protected as so-called trade secrets, when workers’ health and lives are at stake."

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